Inside the Farm

You will feel in love by the sunny location of the property, the fresh air of the forest, the swimming pool and the outside leisure areas (kitchen and dining area, terraces and patio).

And you’ll find yourself one a peaceful and relaxing environment while walking through the pastures beyond the path of the natural spring water mine.

The daily eggs collection, the sheep treatment and the moments spent with the Serra da Estrela dogs, as well as the bread production, are some of the tasks done by the residents on Thursday.

The outdoor cooking, the saltwater pool, horticulture, gardening, jogging, jungle tours (walking or cycling), are activities you shouldn’t miss as well!

There is also all the agricultural tasks like the fruit trees treatment and the management of the garden ruled by our "Borda d'Água" guide.

The management of the vineyard culminates with a noble moment – in September / October –, which marks the beginning of the wine making process. When completed, the farm mobilizes itself to a further process of artisanal olive oil production (up to December).

The Old House also provides a space for music practice (piano, bass and drum kit), as well as books, CD's and DVD's that will certainly contribute to an unforgettable experience. During the night, watching the stars and the moon is also a memorable experience.

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