This is Portugal

The most western country of Europe, and possibly the most diverse, Portugal absorbs the Atlantic breeze, the calm of the Mediterranean, the hot winds from North Africa and the dry pastures of Andalusia. From the interior mountains we can tell about the cheese, the snow, and the granite. The wine and the meat sausages remind us of the north and the ham and others flavours bring us back to the plain silent land called Alentejo (center south). From the west, Portugal has beaches and good fish to offer. And in Algarve (literally south), you must hear about the juicy oranges, the sweetness of the figs and also the fantastic weather.

All of this in only 90 Km. We are one of the warmer countries of Europe, with about 3000 hours of sunshine per year.

This great little nation located in the southwest of the Old Continent – the ‘atlantic arm’ of the Iberian Peninsula – saw Visigoths, Suevi, Romans and Moors pass, has embarked on discoveries by Africa, Asia and America, has expelled "nuestros irmanos" (Spanish neighbors) and, today, it continues its path: a mix of rural and modern, but always a funny and likable one.

The Empire days - from Ceuta to Alcazarquivir, Macau to Timor, Brazil to Africa – has gone. Nowadays, the country lays on a unique History full of legends and myths, mysteries and an uncover world of experiences to be lived and shared.

This "portugality" is fun, affordable, multicultural and peaceful.

Let's get to know her a little better...