The History and Charm of Casa Velha in Cernache do Bonjardim

The History and Charm of Casa Velha in Cernache do Bonjardim

Cernache do Bonjardim is a village situated in Beira Baixa, Castelo Branco district, and for many years, it was considered “the most important village in Portugal” due to its high population. Here, you’ll find stunning landscapes and historical traditions that amplify the appeal of this village.

It’s in Cernache do Bonjardim where you’ll discover Casa Velha, a centuries-old house, originally an agricultural property, that preserves its characteristics and genuinely Portuguese essence.

Casa Velha - Rural tourism

As you enter through the green gate, you’ll be greeted by the green hues of the trees adorning the house, which is constructed with regional schist stone walls. This will let you know that you’ve arrived at your vacation destination. And if there were any doubts left, when you see Óscar coming to greet you, you’ll undoubtedly be certain that you’ve indeed reached your destination. Don’t be mistaken – Óscar is not the doorman or owner of the house (well, in some ways, he is), but rather the house dog who will accompany you throughout your stay. He’s a great host and will ensure the tranquility and privacy you seek when choosing Casa Velha.

Casa Velha - Óscar

As you climb the stairs to enter the house, you’ll come across a large living room with a fireplace and decorated in warm tones with rustic furniure. There’s no doubt that a sense of belonging to the place is guaranteed.

Designed to accommodate 6 people, the house comprises 3 bedrooms, each with a fireplace (one en-suite, one double room, and one twin room), a bathroom servicing the bedrooms, a fully equipped regional kitchen with access to a barbecue area and an outdoor terrace.

Casa Velha

For nature enthusiasts and those who enjoy interacting with animals, Casa Velha offers an authentic countryside and agricultural experience. If you’re an early riser, we challenge you to start your day by collecting eggs from the chicken coop to prepare breakfast. And don’t be surprised if you find a bag of fresh bread hanging on the door when you open it. We know how important breakfast is!

During the day, you can play traditional family games or enjoy a relaxed book reading session without the noise of the city in the available outdoor space.

As the evening approaches, a walk to the river beach for a swim or a stroll along the river with a picnic might be just what you need. Whatever your desire, we’re here to make it happen. The views are stunning and you’ll certainly want to come back!

Casa Velha - Landscape

And if you truly want a countryside experience, join us in grape harvesting, olive picking, or spend time with the goats (don’t worry, we have all the tools you need and a packed lunch to keep you going).

Are you tired of all the activities?So are we too… how about leaving dinner in the hands of Chef Senhor Cozinheiro? Just book your dinner time, and you’ll have Senhor Cozinheiro in the kitchen preparing delicious meals for you.

Gastronomic experience

Casa Velha is a space designed with you in mind, and each stay is tailored to your group/family’s preferences. From an escape from the urban world with complete social isolation to active participation in the farm’s agricultural activities and local traditions – We offer a genuine portuguese experience.

Book your stay at Casa Velha now and fall in love with the rural and natural world while enjoying all the comfort you need.

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