To make your stay an unforgettable memory, there are several activities you can do with your group. By partnering with local producers and aiming to preserve the traditions of the area, we offer various experiences that will undoubtedly make your visit to Cernache special!

Experiência gastronómica

Gastronomic Experiences

Immerse yourself in an exclusive experience, tailored for each customer, where the chef shares with you the kitchen, the preparation, and the love put into every dish.

Bread and cheese on the table, a portuguese house

Cereals from small producers in the region are the raw material for this recipe, which will test your capacity and ability to transfer the stress and hustle and bustle of everyday life to the masses.

Percurso pedestre com piquenique


Around here, we know how invigorating a walk through the intimacy of a traditional Portuguese forest can be, and we blame the sights, smells and sensations it provides!

Day in the vegetable garden

“Each one reaps what they sow!” isn’t it? Well, in this case, it’s not exactly like that because in Nature, everything has its own time…

Casa Velha - uma experiência na horta
Pesca à margem rio

Riverbank fishing

Who catches the biggest fish will be the eternal (and inevitable) battle among siblings, parents and children, or friends!

Let's go to the mushrooms!

A walk through the exuberant nature of the mountains, the collection and identification of mushrooms and a mycological dinner are part of the new workshop organised by CASA VELHA in partnership with Senhor Cozinheiro.

Vamos aos cogumelos
Casa Velha: Vindima

Traditional Harvest

The day you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! A whole year of different activities in the vineyard culminates in this long-awaited moment, when the fruits of that hard work are literally harvested: THE VINDIMA!

Olive picking

Join us in mid-November and get to know the real story behind CASA VELHA olive oil. The mixture of greens and blacks in the olive berries confirms that it’s time to start another harvest. It’s delicious to start a cold day in such a warm atmosphere.

Casa Velha: Apanha da azeitona
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