Traditional Harvest

The day everyone was waiting for has arrived! A whole year of different activities in the vineyard culminates in this long-awaited moment, in which the fruits
of this hard work are literally reaped: TRADITIONAL HARVEST!

Traditional Harvest

The hustle and bustle starts in the morning. The owners of the house are joined by uncles, brothers, neighbors and friends in general. The troops are gathered, everyone knows it’s going to be a great day, and it overflows with smiles on everyone’s faces.

Work begins in the vineyard under the guidance of the oldest member of the farm. At 10 o’clock in the morning, there was barely time to warm up the scissors and there was already a table set with the “loofah”, which always accompanies a fresh white snack. If it weren’t for the clock confirming it, I would say that lunch didn’t even wait for its turn, because here, time passes so quickly that work seems to be just a break from meals, and not the other way around.

Participants are divided between harvesting, transporting and crushing the grapes. Tasting and analyzing the grape juice at the moment allows us to confirm whether the raw material will allow for another excellent nectar in a few months.

After lunch, there is little left to complete the harvest. On this day that has no time to end, the grapes and the vineyard are in fact just a (good) excuse for what really motivates everyone to come: the conviviality, the sharing, the laughter, the popular music, and the visits.” watered” to neighboring wineries…

And you’re going to stay on that side and listen to stories? Or will you come and create them with us?

Casa Velha

  • 09:30H: Reception and distribution of hats, gloves, scarves and buckets
  • 10:30H: Bucha (Lunch)
  • 11:30H: Leaving for the Vineyard
  • 13:00H:Typical local lunch

    The menu varies and consists of soup, a fish or meat dish, fruit and coffee. Water and wine included 

  • 14:30H: Treading grapes
  • 16:30H: Cheese and sausage board served with wine
  • 60€ – By activity (Up to 6 People)
Casa Velha: Vindima


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