Our Promise

Through small gestures, we aim to preserve the Portuguese tradition and culture that is our greatest inspiration.

Our Mission

At CASA VELHA, we promise to welcome you and your loved ones as if you were family. Our goal is to introduce you to the central region through a stay with close and personal attention.

We prioritize local habits, traditions, and products. We offer you our unique activities and events, allowing you to discover an authentic rural Portugal.

Casa Velha: Apanha da azeitona

Our vision

CASA VELHA aims to embody rural and traditional Portugal. We strive to enhance your experience when you explore the interior, and with our personalized service, we want to ensure that each visit becomes just the first of many.

We dedicate ourselves to the authenticity of every experience, maintaining a lasting commitment to the local landscape, flora, fauna, the local community, its history, and its connection to the land, as well as the local economy. We establish partnerships with local producers and small businesses, promoting tourism that respects the region and offers authenticity.

Casa Velha: A região da casa velha

Our values

What We're Doing

Our commitment to self-sustainability is applied in our daily life through an inclusive virtuous cycle involving nature, agriculture, the region, and CASA VELHA.

Respect for the environment embodies one of CASA VELHA’s fundamental principles. Numerous initiatives have been developed, and we have incorporated various resources into the design and operation of CASA VELHA to help minimize our ecological footprint and preserve this culture for future generations.

Casa Velha - Paisagem

O Que Estamos a Fazer

  1. The restoration of CASA VELHA was carried out with the aim of harmonizing it with the surrounding environment. Utilizing local materials and an architectural style that allows it to blend discreetly into the landscape.
  2. The installation of solar panels reduces the consumption of renewable energies, as well as the replacement of all CASA lighting with LED bulbs.
  3. Through rainwater collection, wells, and boreholes, we are able to provide water for garden and vegetable patch irrigation.
  4. Guests are informed about our sustainable initiatives and how they can contribute (waste separation and water conservation).
  5. We respect Portuguese native species, and you can find our stone walls in the chicken coop.
  6. We compost vegetative material and reuse 100% of the pruned wood for our fireplaces or the garden.
  7. In our vegetable garden, we adhere to traditional techniques, with manual harvesting respecting the cycle and rhythm of nature.
  8. We encourage proactivity in response to increasing environmental pressures, with waste bins placed in CASA, enhancing the optimization of waste separation for recycling and composting.
Casa Velha - ovelha
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