A small village located in Beira Baixa, in the Castelo Branco district of Portugal.

Cernache do Bonjardim

For several years, it was considered the “most important village in Portugal” due to its high population. When it was upgraded to a town (August 20, 1955), it lost the prominent position it held.

Birthplace of various celebrities, including Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira, also known as Nun’Álvares, the Holy Constable, and the Blessed Nuno of Santa Maria, whose canonization took place on April 26, 2009.

Cernache is a locality where there is no castle, and its monuments are not nationally famous, but interestingly, a Mission Seminar was established here, training numerous religious and lay missionaries to colonize African lands. Additionally, a college, the Vaz Serra Institute, was established here, at a time when illiteracy was more common.

These two cultural hubs generated an almost intellectually cosmopolitan environment. Figures of note from the country, such as Professor Marcelo Caetano, while serving as Prime Minister, Dr. João Soares (father of former President of the Republic Mário Soares), who had been a priest and taught for many years at the Mission Seminar, and Dr. Teófilo Braga, who visited Cernache frequently to rest when he was President of the Republic, were regular visitors. Alfredo Keil, a painter, writer, and the author of “A Portuguesa,” the Portuguese National Anthem, was often there as he lived in a nearby hamlet near the Zêzere River called Pombeira. And this is just a reminder of contemporary figures.

Local Gastronomy

A land that stands out for its way of giving emphasis and flavors to the most varied products. In the municipality’s various restaurants, you can sample delicacies that are part of the local cuisine and deserve to be enjoyed at length. We highlight Maranho, Bucho, Peixe do Rio and the famous Cartuchinho de Cernache do Bonjardim

Admirable Views

Yours to discover! Among trails and routes along the mountains, each point has its own history and legend. Come and meet them all.

Local Events

A diverse program of cultural, musical and traditional events. We invite you to participate in our municipality’s festivities so that you can experience Beira Baixa during your stay at Casa Velha.

The Zêzere River

Winding between villages, the Zêzere River offers several spots where you can bathe, practice water sports and eat. The closest to CASA VELHA is Praia Fluvial do Trízio.

Where to eat

Tasco da Célia
7 min
A Rotunda
7 min
Sabores do Pinhal
20 min
Ponte Romana
20 min
Santo Amaro
20 min
Ponte Velha
20 min

Places to Visit

Serra de São Macário
15 min
Moinhos da Ribeira
15 min
Praia Fluvial do Trízio
15 min
19 min
Penedo Furado
36 min
Portas de Rodão
50 min
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